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High quality and durable quality

 The furnace adopts the latest insulation technology in the world, and the furnace insulation system has the same life as the furnace body, and it will never be overhauled. Automatically set step length, automatic length measuring device, and human-machine dialogue process parameters to be modified online.

Elite team industry elite

 All members of the company are united in forging ahead and forging ahead, making unremitting efforts to create brand-name products with distinctive characteristics and quality. The company relies on high-quality personnel, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management.

The ten year history of the family

In the ten years, the World Department has been working in the past. In the spring of the spring, the technology team has over 100 people. The scale of the factory building from the beginning of the 1200 square meters to the present 7000 square meters, the cooperation enterprise over 1000.

Company Profile
FOSHAN THINK XINGYUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd(FOSHAN THINKGLASS Technology Co.,Ltd) is a comprehensive hi-tech enterprizing in research and development of glass deep processing machinery,modern technologies,new techniques and auxiliary equipment.Through years of research and practice.Thinkglass has developed shape glass tempering furnaces,automatic intelligent coninous bending furnaces,etc. . . . . . .

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